About us

Message from Management

Yamagata Marusui Co,. Ltd. established in 1975 as a wholesale company in Yamagata city central wholesale market, six wholesale stores joined.

The market is the only general market in Yamagata, based on Wholesale Market Law, dealing in fruits, vegetables, and marine products. Now, it has become a public-market, and Yamagata city is registered as an establishment.

Over 50 years have passed since then, and We've continued various business operations with the hope that we'd like to provide fresh seafood from all over the world to customers in Yamagata. The demands of eating will diversify and the health-mind will build up more from now on. In order to meet these demands, we will empower sending out various information concerning production, distribution, and consumption, in addition to an existing function of the market.

Thank you for all your support.

Keiichi Aizawa President and Representative Director


We value confidence,stabilize the supply of fresh foods, and contribute to the development of society through providing safe and secure seafood and services.


Company Policy




  1. We continue to be a company that values confidence and trust.
  2. We provide safe and secure seafood and develop with customers.
  3. We sensitively respond to the change of the time, and continue to challenge more progress.
  4. We grow up with our staff and aim at an energish company.


Name Yamagata Marusui Co.,Ltd.
Representative Keiichi Aizawa President and Representative director
Establishment 1,March,1975
Address 1420, Urushiyama, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata-Pref, 990-2161, Japan
Phone +81-23-686-2711
Capital 50 million yen
Employees 19
Sales 3.1 billion yen